You’ll agree, a lot of effort goes into maintaining a residential or commercial property. Often this includes hard surfaces like the patio, driveway, and walkways. As they are all important parts of your Stouffville’s home’s exterior, to protect your investment, your interlock surfaces must be cleaned and sealed efficiently.

Interlock bricks, concrete, and asphalt absorb a lot of stains and bad contaminants. As a result, they are continually exposed to all the harsh elements. SealAll can restore your hard surfaces to their original beauty. It will make a huge difference. Why let the hard surfaces around your home become built up with grime, dirt, mold, or algae when you can now restore your exteriors to its past glory.


At SealAll, we provide a very affordable interlock cleaning and sealing service for Stouffville households and businesses. Ideally, your hard surfaces should be re-sealed every 2-3 years to provide protection against the environment, chemicals, and salt; and of course, restore them to their original beautiful finish.

SealAll offers professional interlock cleaning services for homes, offices and buildings and provides a wide range of services. We clean and seal your interlock driveways leaving it spotless and looking new again! Our professional, environmentally-friendly interlock cleaning is ideal.


Compare the pros & cons of interlocking paving systems
Interlocking of pavements has been around for a long time. Their durability and aesthetically pleasing characteristics is what makes them a popular choice among homeowners today. Interlocking can be thought of as a system, each paver in place to keep the others intact.

The pavers are not just visually impressive; they are beneficial to our environment. Interlocking pavers are usually permeable, which means water percolates through the surface and recharges our groundwater tables. Unlike traditional concrete that is one consistent slab, the interlocking pavers have edges between each one and are filled with a porous material like sand.


Interlocking pavers are exceptional in large driveways and walkways; adding interest, curb appeal and also increasing the value of your home. In addition, you also use interlocking for pathways, patios, decking, pool decks, balconies, courtyards and terraces.

It is important to understand the preparation for the installment of interlocking pavers before you start your project. For the job to get done right it to needs have a compacted sub base, a geotextile fabric, a layer of sand, edge restraint, pavers, and joint fill material.

If you’re looking for interlocking driveway installation, you’ve come to the right place!
Interlocking paver driveways are the most durable and most cost-effective driveway available. They can be designed and installed to be unique to you, they’re great for any type of climate.


It’s very important when it comes to driveway interlocking. The most important aspect of the installation of interlocking driveways is hiring the right contractor to install it. Before you make the investment in interlocking for your home, make sure the contractor has adequate experience.

The measurements of each layer changes with each project having individual circumstances; for example if you have problems with drainage they will be addressed in the thickness of the layers. Installing interlocking pavers can be a big project depending on the areas size; it is recommended that you call a pro in your area to get the job done correctly the first time.


We listen carefully to your needs and concerns. Together, we shall lay out a plan for your residential or commercial property and begin our work. Our team is highly passionate about property maintenance. Our attention to detail will leave you feeling happy and satisfied with your clean property.

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