At SealAll, we are dedicated to making your interlock repair project a priority. We won’t rest until you are totally satisfied with our work. We are committed to give your property the look it deserves with our high-quality interlock clean-up and repair projects.In Etobicoke, we will help you design the perfect driveway, walkway, or any other pathway, and we will use our expertise to repair it with superior quality and at a highly affordable price.


SealAll are interlock repair specialists who help you avoid expensive new installation costs by restoring your outside landscape. We ensure that your existing interlock driveway can be restored by re-grading, re-compacting and re-leveling the affected areas and ensuring a right fit interlock repair.


Becoming the most preferred interlock sealing company in Etobicoke was not by accident, and it did not happen overnight. Just like all companies and people, growth takes time. We never let you down if you call on us to pave your walkways, patios, around your pool, or your driveway.

We only use the best materials to assure that not only will your new cobblestone, travertine, brick, etc. last for a longer time. Your interlock will look and feel amazing.


If you are ready to get your driveway and you just want a flat price, we won’t do that. When it comes to something like paving driveways, the amount depends heavily on the amount of work that needs to get done, the size of the driveway the type of paver you want, the amount of that paver that you need, etc.

When all of these things are figured out and decided we will then have a flat cost. So, let us tell you how to start that process. First, you are going to make a decision about what type of paving you would like or maybe if you want asphalt or concrete. Some of your paver options include cobblestone, brick travertine, interlocking pavers, and old Chicago pavers. To hear all our other options, please call our team in Oakville today.

Once we agree upon what type of paver you want, we measure your driveway as close to the actual measurement as possible, then send us those measurements. After that, we will go over all of the prices with you, assure you that there are no hidden fees, and when you say okay, we will begin the process of installing your new pavers.


Maybe your patio is a bit simple. That’s okay! Sometimes simple really is best. But if your patio is simple you can spice things up! Bring in a little colour! Take it to the edge! Beyond the driveway, you can even get the deck done in style.

Give your family a comprehensive experience. Memories aren’t made by water alone. The whole aesthetic look of your pool will contribute to those pleasant daydreams. Go the full mile by having an amazing pool patio installed by SealAll expert interlock contractors. Everyone will remember the pool party they had at your place. In the case of SealAll, this isn’t even a question. You’ve got to do the best for your business if you want to see the rewards.

As Etobicoke’s preferred choice, we are trusted by all residential and commercial interlocking clients as the top names in the field so you can be sure that we are the right ones for you.
You’ll face no uncertain estimates – we’ve made our pricing as transparent as possible. Our professional SealAll contractors work hard for their money as well, and they will definitely give you the amazing interlock driveway installation you’ve been waiting for.

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